Your 2018 Guide to Digital Tune-Ups

At this point in the year, almost all of us are looking forward to starting fresh. Whether you're a freelancer, a nonprofit, or a small business, you're probably also looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve online. A lot of big tech stories in 2017 have revealed ways to improve our online presence. Here are four that show how you should spruce up your websites and social media for 2018.


Cybersecurity matters

Equifax and Uber are just the tip of the iceberg — the Identity Theft Resource Center reported an 18 percent leap in data breaches overall in 2017. Your customers will want to know that their personal and financial information is safe with you; invest in keeping your software up to date and backing up your databases.


Video of the Day

Learn to love LinkedIn

The professional networking website par excellence is actually more than just a resume-finder. Publishing original content on LinkedIn can be way more valuable than waiting for the right connection to find you.


Strategize socially

Big companies and startups alike hire people who manage social media to build relationships between customers and brands. You don't necessarily have to go that far, but put a plan in place to stay consistent, professional, and responsive on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and wherever else your audience lives.


Make movies

While the death of text and the superiority of online video are both greatly exaggerated, it's worth figuring out how to incorporate video into your online presence. Even a super short piece, shot on a phone camera, can help you make the right impressions and connections.

This advice came from the Digital Tune Up event, held Dec. 5, 2017, in Somerset, New Jersey.