3 Ways to Build the Office Culture of Your Dreams

Workplace culture doesn't just happen, but it can feel that way. Good leadership and good team members are alchemical at their best, but you can read a lot of books about how to nudge them that way. There might be a shortcut, though — not in the work, but in knowing what to do.


Richard Ryan is a clinical psychologist at the Australian Catholic University. This week, he spoke to Psychology Today about the characteristics of a balanced, healthy workplace. Ryan identified three major actions managers can take to help their employees feel effective at their work, invested in the company, and growing in their skills.

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Encourage authenticity

Take stock of your team members' talents and figure out the best way to apply them to the job. You may unearth some potential others (including individuals) had overlooked.


Foster competence

There are endless ways to look out for your team, from keeping the workplace safe to encouraging professional development.

Build belonging

A workplace environment where everyone is welcome and appreciated is one that employees are happy to show up for, in every sense of the phrase.


Even if you don't supervise other workers, you can also bring these qualities to the table. Finding ways to support your teammates isn't just good for your career trajectory, it helps everyone boost your company or organization's mission. If all of that sounds fuzzy, there are methods for drilling down into building that kind of culture at work. But in general, keep an eye out for ways big and small that you can bring out the best in the people you work with.