How to Make Money While You're Traveling the World

Back in 2014, I visited eight different cities within the U.S. in a year. At the time, I wanted to take advantage of the fact that I could freelance from anywhere as long as I had WiFi.


Unfortunately, I didn't have the right systems in place and as a result I wasn't making much while I was on the road in 2014. There was one month where I was traveling non-stop for two weeks and I only made $500.

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Only making a few hundred dollars while I was traveling scared me straight so I ended up dedicating 2015 to making sure my business could make money while I was on the go. I wanted to be able to travel without worrying about whether or not I'd be able to pay my bills.


Fast forward to 2016 and I'm now making a few thousands dollars in a month even if I'm traveling for most of it. Here's what I've learned about how to make money while you're traveling.

Build a team you can delegate to.

I hired my virtual assistant in 2014. I admit that we were just getting in the groove of things and figuring stuff out the first year, but now we're at a point where I know I can delegate stuff to her so I can make some money.


Here are just a few example of how having a team helps me make money while I'm on the road:

I'm not doing everything in my business so I can spend my time focusing on what gets me paid.

They serve as backup. One time I needed my VA to schedule social media posts for a big influencer campaign I'd been hired to be a part of.

My VA sends along all the invoices so I can get paid even while I'm on the road.


Automate parts of your business with systems.

There are certain parts of my business that are automated so that they are working even when I'm not. More specifically, I automate email marketing and social media.

I've taken the time to set up the systems so that these things are running on autopilot. This helps me make affiliate sales, product sales, book sales and helps me stay in contact with clients and prospects.


Map out all the WiFi spots.

While on a trip to Mexico this year, I made sure to have a connection just in case I needed to work while I was traveling. Fortunately, the friend I was staying with had spectacular WiFi. Additionally, she knew where all the local internet cafes were in case I needed to stop at one while I was exploring the town.


I've also gotten a ridiculous amount of work done on airports and on airplanes. You're not going anywhere once you're past security so you might as well whip out your laptop and get some work done.

(P.S. Here's a handy map with WiFi passwords from airports around the world.)

Create passive streams of income.


Creating passive streams of income is my latest project in my business. By building in passive income streams, like affiliate sales on my blog, I'm making money without having to physically work (or at least not working as much).

In the age of the internet, it is possible to make money from anywhere in the world. If that's what you want to do, take the time to build the career and the systems that will allow you to do it.