Our Financial Fears Are Coming From Inside the House

If managing your money feels like a horror show, you're far from alone. WalletHub just released its 2017 Halloween Spending and Financial Fear Survey, and when it comes down to managing funds or facing down monsters, some of us have to think twice before we choose.

It's not all dire data — one-third of us are more worried about how much candy we'll eat than credit card debt. But strikingly, three of our top five financial fears are all about loss of control. Unplanned emergencies, job loss, and fraud keep us up at night. Nearly three times as many people fear data breaches and identity theft as spiders.

But like all great monsters, what scares us most is what's inside us already. One in 3 Americans worries they're using credit cards too much. Of the top five scariest things about credit cards, overspending and losing the card make the list. Worries about poor credit and insufficient retirement savings, things we think of as within our control, round out our top five financial fears.

Of course, the only thing scarier than having a credit card is not having a credit card, by a factor of 4 to 1. Overall, compared to other holidays, we're pretty thrifty when it comes to spending on Halloween — just $50 on average, and most of that going to food, drinks, and candy. But that may be cold comfort in the face of our biggest seasonal worry: an entire night of strangers ringing your front door.