The 10 Companies Where Millennials Really Want to Work

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We are all constantly trying to find the best job for us — one that pays us well, makes us feel like we're doing worthwhile work, keeps us stimulated, and fulfilled, and gainfully employed. While we've scoped out the top companies to work for, and ways to land the job, new research from Morning Consult shows where people really want to work according to the companies they most ardently admire.


Morning Consult surveyed 220,000 adults, and found where people want to work according to where they live in the country, how old they are, and what their political affiliations are. All of those key elements significantly impacted their desired job.

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When it came to where millennials want to work, the top 10 companies are a pretty interesting window into this generation as it comes into its professional own. Here are the top 10.

  1. Google
  2. Walt Disney
  4. Microsoft
  5. YouTube
  6. Netflix
  7. Apple
  8. Sony
  9. Nike
  10. BMW


Gen X also places Google as number one, meanwhile for baby boomers that top spot goes to Check out the full findings from Morning Consult, and see where Americans really, truly want to work.