How Americans Have Spent Their Money Over the Past 75 Years

America is all about spending money. And while this capitalist society has been throwing down bills for years, the way we spend money (and what we spend it on) has changed over time.

The website decided to look into some Bureau of Labor Statistics from the last 75 years and plot them all out for us on a handy-dandy chart. The results are seriously interesting.

Take a peek at 1941, for instance. In that year, Americans spent more money on food than they did on housing and transportation. In subsequent years transportation and housing took the cake. While you're at it, take a gander at how insanely the price of housing has skyrocketed; in 1941 Americans spent a little less than $8,000 on housing, in 2014 they spent closer to $18,000.

Another big trend upward is health care, which (unsurprisingly) continues to be on the rise. On the flip side of the coin, with the advent of fast fashion, the amount spent on clothing has significantly decreased.

Have a look at the chart below and see how our spending stacks up to that of our parents and our grandparents.