LinkedIn Is Now Matching People with Mentors

We all want mentors, people to look up to who have navigated the choppy waters of our career path before us, and safely made it to the other side. Unfortunately, finding a mentor is obviously much, much harder than just wanting one. Enter LinkedIn.

LinkedIn has rolled out a new feature that matches mentors and mentees — think of it as a sort of professional dating app — oh also, it's free. Via the new "career advice hub" on LinkedIn accounts, users can fill out a profile that gets enough information from them to match them with a mentor or mentee based on what it is they want to do, where they live, which industry they're in, and whether or not they're in the market to give or get information. After all the desires are input, an algorithm starts working and let's the person know if there's a match.

Of course, for anyone who has ever IRL looked for a mentor this system sounds kind of delightful. It can be very hard to find a mentor, and also awkward. With the LinkedIn tool the awkwardness is gone, as you are only matched with volunteers — say goodbye to that pervasive worry that you're bothering someone. And isn't the awkwardness of finding a mentor the worst part of the whole thing anyway?