4 Reasons Why Everyone Needs to Take Time Off

There's no denying it, we are a culture filled with workaholics. In fact, as ABC News put it, "Americans work more than anyone in the industrialized world." But even amid our culture of non-stop toil, we must take time for ourselves — for a whole host of reasons. Here are just a few of the reasons why every single one of us needs to make sure we're taking enough time off.

1. Burnout is real.

Some people might not believe in burnout, but those people are wrong. Burnout is real, and can have impacts both emotional and physical. As Psychology Today says, "burnout is not a simple result of long hours." They call it a combination of "cynicism, depression, and lethargy" that can cause both mental and physical problems. Taking some time off and detaching from work can both help combat burnout but also help prevent it before it even happens.

2. Taking vacation can actually lead to more raises.

It sounds counterintuitive but according to new research, people who take time off are actually 6.5% more likely to be promoted or get a raise. Why's that exactly? Well according to The Project: Time Off, the organization that conducted the research, "Employees who forfeit their vacation days do not perform as well as those who use all their time." Makes sense to us!

3. Balance makes you more productive.

The thing about working nose to the grindstone all the time, is that eventually you lose site of whether or not you're even being productive anymore. Odds are are if you're working without stop, you're likely not being productive (or at least not as productive as you could be) and once you take some time and take a breath, you'll be re-motivated to start working once again.

4. Your relationships need your focus too.

Is there anything more important than personal relationships? Your family, your friends, your significant other, you might take them for granted every now and again but spending actual quality time with them will enhance your life mind, body, and spirit.