5 Things to Do Every Day to Be Your Most Productive Self

We want to get things done and we want to do tasks well. We want to use our time efficiently and we want to take pleasure in our work. There are a lot of tight-ropes to walk in the professional world, and one of those is productivity. We all have mile-long to-do lists but the trick of it is to tackle things wisely and not getting bogged down by busyness. With that in mind, here are a few things we can do each day to keep our productivity up and our efficiency high.

1. Get enough sleep.

There is no magic number that works for everyone, but there is a magic number of sleep hours that works for you. Whether you're a 5-hour a night person, or a 9-hour a night person, know your hour, respect your hour — your waking hours will thank you for it.

2. Touch e-mails once.

If you open an e-mail, decide what you're going to do with it right then and there. Forward it on to the appropriate person, delete it, handle it yourself — how many hours do we waste opening and re-opening emails deciding whether or not to write back? Just eliminate that activity; your inbox number will go down and your available hours in the day will go up.

3. Use your calendar.

You know that to-do list you have? Move it over to your calendar. The to-do list can grow until the end of time, a calendar only has a certain number of hours in a day. If it doesn't fit on the calendar, it's likely not something you can handle right now.

4. Have a morning routine.

Because if you don't, a good portion of your morning is spent stumbling around trying to figure out what your morning should look like and what you want to do and get done. There's no need for that stressful time suck. Plan your mornings out, and stick to it.

5. Be kind to yourself.

Nothing makes an easy task take more time than an internal battle. Treat yourself with kindness, it will make whatever work you have to do that much more pleasant.