Office Decor Actually Has an Impact on Productivity

Sure everyone wants a nice office — it's pretty! It's cool! It's fun! But turns out it's also really good for productivity and happiness levels.

According to a poll via CanvasPop an office's decor, with an emphasis on what art is on the walls, can significantly boost creativity, productivity, and happiness. In fact, according to a study cited from the University of Exeter Identity Realisation Group, in office spaces where employees are able to choose their own decor they end up being about 30% more productive — and have fewer health complaints.

A whopping 99% of people said that they like to have art displayed in their workspaces, and only 58% of those surveyed said they actually do. As for the emotional responses that art incites — 77% said it makes them feel happy, 74% said inspired, 73% said creative, 37% relaxed, and 27% said productive.

Point being, if you're looking to upgrade your office vibe keep in mind that decor (and art specifically) actually can have a big impact. We might think that an office's hardware is all that matters, but there's something about the design too that allows people to do their best work.