The 10 Highest Paying Internships in America

Image Credit: monkeybusinessimages/iStock/GettyImages

Internships used to be all about taking notes, and making copies or coffee runes, but that truth is no longer. Now internships are a vital step in a person's career trajectory, and at many of the nation's best companies interns are saddled with mega responsibilities; which also means, they get hefty paychecks. In fact, GlassDoor took a look at the highest paying internships out there right now, just to prove how serious those temporary paychecks are getting.

The findings proved that many of the highest paying internships pay well beyond the median annual salary for the nation's average worker. Is that fair? It's hard to say. But paying so well does help to recruit top talent, and if the internship leads to a big bank account boost, it's safe to say that an intern will be interested in returning to the company as a full-time employee. All of that is, of course, good for the company and the worker. Kind of a win-win.

So if you're looking for an internship, or know someone who is looking for an internship, perhaps these very high-paying companies are worth a browse.

  1. Facebook; median monthly pay $8,000
  2. Microsoft; median monthly pay $7,100
  3. ExxonMobil; median monthly pay $6,507
  4. Salesforce; median monthly pay $6,450
  5. Amazon; median monthly pay $6,400
  6. Apple; median monthly pay $6,400
  7. Bloomberg L.P.; median monthly pay $6,400
  8. Yelp; median monthly pay $6,400
  9. Yahoo; median monthly pay $6,080
  10. VMware; median monthly pay $6,080

GlassDoor actually counted off the top 25 highest paying internships so there are many more to peruse. Check them out, and then maybe just sit down and apply.