What Exactly Is Intrapreneurship and Should You Be Doing It?

Intrapreneurship. The word is being thrown around more and more, and it feels like one of those terms that people say even if they're not 100% sure what it means; So, let's demystify it. Intrapreneurship is when employees within a company use the skills of an entrepreneur to change things internally. As Fast Company puts it, it "isn't employees trying to do better at their existing jobs or move up the ladder; this is them wanting to create something new that doesn't currently exist."

For example, you're working at a company and you realize that company doesn't have a sustainable social media strategy; so you build it. Voila! Intrepreneurship.

As Inc. says, "Intrapreneurs are the drivers of innovation within companies. In a similar role to that of entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs seek to provide solutions to unique market driven problems. They seek policies, technologies and application that resolve a barrier to productivity increases. Like the entrepreneur who starts a company with the goal of providing a good or service, the intrapreneur takes on a task within the company to increase the capacity of the company."

Which brings us to the next question: Should you be an intrapreneur? If you see a problem or gap within your company and have concrete ideas on how to solve it, then yes, absolutely. Make sure you're not stepping on anyone's toes, make sure that you've told the powers-that-be what your'e working on, and make sure you have an idea about which you feel confident. Then, tally forth! Intrapreneurs are prized employees because they have vision and creativity and display commitment. If you are a successful intrapeneur, your company will be loathe to ever let you go.