How to Work With Old Peers Once You've Been Promoted

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Congratulations. You got the promotion! You worked hard, proved yourself, and now you're moving up within your company. There will be lots of new projects and responsibilities, but one thing that people don't talk about enough is the fact that when you're promoted it often means leaving behind a whole team of peers. In many cases, you will now be managing the people you previously worked alongside. That can be awkward: transitioning from work-friend to work-boss is not easy. Here are a few tips to make it as smooth as possible.

1. Meet with old co-workers one-on-one

Talk to everyone, address the elephant in the room, and have frank conversations about what this change means. It's definitely better to get things out in the open before they get awkward. Additionally, use these meetings to get into boss mode. Talk to people about their short and long-term goals, skills they want to gain, and ways you can now help make all that happen.

2. Take a social break

This will be a toughie, but take a step back from the post-work drinks and office coffee klatches, at least for a few months. You don't want to completely abandon your friendships so maybe you go from sticking around happy hour for three drinks, to sticking around happy hour for one. It might feel a teeny bit weird at first but it will help to smooth the transition.

3. Cut the gossip

You're a boss now so obviously talking about people in the office to former co-workers is a big no-no. As a boss, it's important to not play favorites and to keep it neutral. We know that's easier said than done but, trust us, it will be a big help.

Good luck!