Here Are Some Very Surprising Stats About Freelancers

The pros and cons of being a freelancer are well-documented. Pro: Control over your time! Con: Inconsistent income. Still, the number of freelancers is ever-on-the-rise and at this point, freelancers make up 35% of U.S. workers.

As a freelancer myself, I know there are endless misconceptions and bad press about the trade — you're unemployable, you're broke, you spend all day in bed — but freelance management tool Lystable has just come out with some information that serves to debunk some of that pervasive freelance lore. Here are just a few things we learned.

1. 70% of freelancers do it by choice.

A question I often get asked is why I'm not able to get a full-time job; if I'm being asked this then I know a lot of other freelancers are being asked that too. Truth be told, many people get more satisfaction out of the freelance way of life and way of work — 70% in fact.

2. Freelancers on average make $459/day.

At least that's the average surveyed by Lystable. There's a conception that freelancers are constantly struggling to make ends meet (which is definitely true some of the time). That said, there is certainly a way to make the freelance life financial viable — it wouldn't be so popular if this wasn't the case. So how do you do it? You just gotta hustle.

3. Freelancers are highly-skilled.

No, freelancers are not unskilled workers, they're actual highly-skilled and generally very versatile. According to the Lystable research, those freelancers they surveyed boasted roughly seven marketable skills per individual. That means seven different means to make a buck.