The Way You Buy Groceries Is About to Change in a Big Way

The way we shop for groceries is changing, and while some of those changes might be subtle now, they won't for long.

Image Credit: Antonio_Diaz/iStock/GettyImages

As Forbes reports, several factors are reshaping the landscape of the grocery industry. Some of these will impact your life in big ways and others will bring change more indirectly, but the end result will be big changes across the board.

First: Americans are prioritizing healthy eating in a way we haven't before. Customers today are looking for fresh, healthy options. They're tuned in for buzzwords like "organic" and "locally-grown." In the past, chains like Whole Foods (okay, mostly just Whole Foods) dominated the health food market and took a big bite out of the paychecks of customers who sought these products.

Now, as healthy options become more and more mainstream, bigger retailers are getting into the game. This means good things for consumers—more healthy options available at more places and, thanks to the most basic principles of supply and demand, lower prices. This increased competition could mean great things for lower-income consumers (or just anyone who loves a great deal).

One other area to look for changes in? Online shopping. Amazon has Amazon Fresh and Walmart, the biggest retailer in the country, is looking for a way to make grocery delivery a viable market as well. While online grocery shopping is still a small, niche market, it's not hard to picture a future where many people get their groceries delivered. Look to Amazon in particular to invest big in growing this market.

All these changes are good news — so look forward to healthier options at lower prices, and easier ways to shop.