You Need to Be a "Punk Rock Entrepreneur"

Punk Rock Entrepreneur: Running a Business Without Losing Your Values is hands down the best and most straightforward small business book that I have ever read. Caroline Moore drops real world, real life, really great advice into succinct chapters that are equal parts entertaining and informative.

If you're thinking about starting a business and don't know where to begin, this is the book for you. Using inspiration and examples from record labels, punk rock bands, her own photography business, and balloon companies, Moore gets you where you need to be.

In the chapter "Adapt or Die," Moore covers promotions and getting the word out about your new venture. She mentions the band Anti-Flag and their album 20 Years of Hell, which featured a different band on each of the series of 7" records. By using this compilation model, you can apply the lesson to your own business to grow your audience. Brand partnerships, guest blogging, and collaborative art projects are all examples of compilation -- and are all examples of cheap and easy ways to make a name for yourself.

In the chapter "Give a Shit," she covers the importance of community building and getting on board with the whole "many hands make light work" attitude that is so important to businesses. Citing East End Brewing as a delicious example, she notes their collaboration with Bike Pittsburgh in an effort to create a zero-waste, environmental brewery. It's great exposure for both businesses and helps to accomplish a common goal of community building and sustainability.

Moore says it best in her final TL;DR chapter: "Getting out of the planning stage and into the getting-it-done stage is what makes you an entrepreneur instead of a person with a cool idea who is sort of think about maybe pursuing it one day." If you're looking for the little push you need to put you over the edge into the getting-it-done territory, this is the book for you.