What Salaries Would Disney Characters Make?

Smee, deckhand: $37,000

As right-hand man of Captain Hook, Smee probably didn't see much in terms of payment from his boss. But, if he were salaried, he'd probably make about $37,000 per year, according to PayScale — not too bad. However, PayScale also says most deckhands don't receive benefits, which would cut significantly into Smee's salary (especially if he gets a nasty case of scurvy).

Dwarves from Snow White, miners: $19.42 per hour

The mining industry offers rather good salaries, according to PayScale, the median hourly pay is about $19.42, and with overtime, an entry-level miner could make $31,000 to $48,000. This doesn't specify what type of mining pays this rate, however. It's safe to assume that in olde tyme Bavaria, the seven dwarves probably weren't pulling in $31k each — after all, if they were, wouldn't they live in a bigger house?

Mary Poppins, live-in nanny: $21.02 per hour

According to the International Nanny Association's 2015 survey, the national hourly average wage for nannies is $18.66. Wages often depend on years of experience, and since we know Mary Poppins has been in the nannying game for a while, we'll assume she has more than 10 years' experience, which would put her rate at $21.02. And since she specifies that she has "every other Tuesday off," we know she works about 29 days out of a month. So, $21.02 times 8 hours = $168.16/day = $4,876.64 per month, which would add up to an annual salary of about $58,519.68.

Roger Radcliffe, songwriter: $40,000

This is a tough one because we don't have too many details about Roger's career. In 101 Dalmatians, we know he's not trying to be a singer as well — it seems that he's composing songs for other artists. So, his salary is probably largely based on what he can sell, or he could be riding out a publishing contract. According to careersinmusic.com, the average songwriter salary is $40,000. So, we'll assume that at the beginning of the movie, that's around the amount he was making. At the end, after knowing that his song "Cruella de Vil" is a radio hit, he could easily bring in six figures.

King Triton, royal: $58 million

Royals' income runs the gamut as — depending on the country — they might bring in wages from private investments as well as money from taxpayers. We'll go with what the Queen of England reportedly earned in 2014: $58 million. Wow.

Lumière, castle maître'd/butler: $60,000

Okay. So it's safe to say that while enchanted and trapped in the form of a talking candle holder, Lumière did not pull in any actual money. But, were the castle fully functioning, and if Lumière was a butler, he'd be pulling in about $60k, according to Butler Bureau. This all depends on experience, job responsibilities, and size of household, of course. Apparently, top butlers can earn in excess of $250,000 per year!

Esmeralda, dancer: $14,700

Being an artist of any kind is tough, and although PayScale lists the median salary of a dancer at $30k, we know that Esmeralda isn't earning all of her money through professional gigs (some of it, yes), and is getting the bulk of her income through street performing, so we placed her on the lower end of the spectrum at just under $15k.