The Cost of Being Healed by a Witch

I'm the type of person who has always believed in science and medicine. But a few months ago, I found myself in the middle of a personal crisis that I didn't feel therapy could pull me out of. As if by fate, I met The Oracle of Los Angeles, aka Amanda, who gave me a crazy accurate tarot reading at a bachelorette party. I was amazed by her intuition and ideas; she didn't just acknowledge my situation, she began advising me on methods to cope with it. Intrigued, I decided to see her privately to see if she could help me gain clarity and reduce my anxiety. Now, I find myself a believer in metaphysical healing, not quite because I believe in magic, but because I believe that setting intentions and creating rituals can help make you feel better. To do those things, though, you will need supplies (all of which are really fun and empowering). Here's what it cost me to get started with spells and witchcraft:

Two sessions with The Oracle of Los Angeles.

I got started by taking advantage of Amanda's summer package — two 1.5 hour sessions for $300. This was a lot of money for me, but I rationalized the expense by remembering that I'd frequently spent $150/session for therapy in the past. In these sessions, Amanda showed me how to cultivate a meditation practice (so helpful), guided me on beginning a spell to banish my fears of failure, brought me on a metaphysical journey to "the upper realm" (trippy), and performed a bit of reiki healing. The beginning of each session started as more of a check-in and therapy session, followed by magic or healing, and ending with action items — things to buy to help me gain balance; cognitive exercises; making sure I got just a little bit of sun/vitamin D per day; realizing that listening to two hours of NPR per day on my commute was making me depressed, so switching that out for uplifting music or interesting podcasts. It was a real mix of magic and practical.

Cost: $300

Practice a grounding meditation daily.

When I met Amanda at the tarot reading she told me first thing: I HAD to start meditating. Just 10 minutes a day. In our brief tarot session, she mentioned a counting method, so I tried it every day for the next week and failed miserably. Once she actually taught me how to how to sit and breathe for meditation, she gave me a series of things to visualize. This worked so much better and helped my mind stay focused on the moment.

Cost: Free.

Start drinking oatstraw and lemon balm teas daily.

She advised me to start drinking two herbal teas to help my mood. The first, oatstraw, helps "restore balance and a sense of calm in weak and stressed out individuals." The second, lemon balm, was supposed to help me relax and improve my sleep. For these to work, she said, I'd need to consume them regularly and in large quantities, so she advised me to buy in bulk from a supplier called Mountain Rose Herbs. A pound of oatstraw was $13 and a pound of lemon balm cost me $18.50.

Cost: $31.50 (plus shipping)

Carry black tourmaline to ward off negative energy.

Black tourmaline, I learned, was a basic protection stone that I needed near me to block negative energy. I bought a small one (about the size of my pinky) at my local metaphysical shop ($3) and kept it in my pocket, reaching to touch it anytime I felt upset or stressed out. TBH, it began to function more as a mind trick — as a physical gimmick to get my out of my head. Because I felt like it was kind of working, I went ahead and ordered a tourmaline necklace from Etsy ($25).

Cost: $28 (plus shipping)

Burn a number of herbs/materials in the house to cleanse bad vibes.

She actually didn't specifically advise this, but after a trip to the metaphysical shop, I picked up a bundle of sage for $3 (cleansing, increases spiritual awareness), a stick of Palo Santo for $3 (holy wood used for purifying and banishing evil spirits) and a sweetgrass braid for $11, which smells like warm, smoky vanilla when burned and is supposed to clear out negativity.

Cost: $17

Get some miscellaneous basic witchcraft supplies.

These were optional but advised. I got a basic white candle in a glass votive ($5) as part of my candle spell, and also some Florida Water ($6.13), which you can sprinkle around before doing magic, as it's believed to have strong magical properties.

Cost: $11.13 (plus shipping)

Use an aromatherapy spray to encourage relaxation.

This wasn't specifically prescribed by her, but she uses many of the sprays crafted at L.A.'s House of Intuition in her work. I decided to get the Relax spray — a blend of allspice, patchouli, lavender, and oakmoss — that I sprayed on my face in moments of stress.

Cost: $7

Practice Lion's Pose.

She encouraged me to do this to invite in strength. Looks weird, feels good.

Cost: Free

Take foot baths with Pisces oil.

Because I was so stuck in my head, she encouraged me to get more in touch with my feet, to keep me grounded. To become more aware of my feet, she advised doing foot baths with Pisces oil, which would encourage my creativity.

Cost: $17 (plus shipping)

Burn frankincense incense to invite the spirits of my ancestors in.

I can't actually remember how much this cost exactly but I think it was around $6. Honestly, this purchase was a bit of a waste as I couldn't stand the smell.

Cost: $6

Grand total: $417.63 (plus various shipping costs).

It's pricey when you look at it all together, although not as bad if you were to do all of the upkeep on your own (minus the sessions, the cost is $117.63). For me, it was all worth it. I love the focus using all these brings me. And I enjoy having them around me and in my house.